Gary Bettman is an Evil Little Jerk: Part 1

gary-bettmanOk, new feature. Gary Bettman is a hopeless, evil, little weasel and we should all hate him (and the owners he represents).

Gary Bettman denies that there is a link between CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and concussions. Now, granted, part of this is because the league is having their tits sued off by former players in a concussion lawsuit that could surpass the one the NFL just got hosed in, but the bigger part of this is basic human decency.

When money is at play, especially a billion real dollars (potentially) it’s easy to see how someone could be persuaded to tell some lies to make everything look ok. But it’s not, and concussions aren’t the laughing matter they once were made out to be. People get them, people suffer from them, people get very sick from them and occasionally people shoot themselves in the chest so their brain can be studied from them.

Clarke MacArthur just came back to the Ottawa Senators after an 18 month leave due to concussion symptoms. That’s terrifying. There is a doctor out there, or a trainer, or god knows what that decided after having his egg scrambled so hard he couldn’t play hockey for OVER A YEAR AND A HALF, Clarke MacArthur – a guy with a history of bad knocks to the noodle – could come back and play hockey is fucking ridiculous. Basically, this is the closest we’ve come to a guy that needs to retire, or face potentially dire straits, not only as a player, but as a person. Watching it live. Awful.

The NFL took a hardline stance opposing the relation between concussions and CTE and paid very dearly for it. Now, they acknowledge the connection, along with just about everyone else on the planet. But not that little puke Gary. Oh no, Gary can’t now.

The NHL being sued has made it improbable that the league would all of a sudden admit they are corrupt pieces of garbage and recognize, publicly, the connection between two grown men beating the piss out of each other, slamming each other in to the boards and brain injuries. They don’t deny a slash on the wrist can cause a wrist injury, but according to the league, Marty McSorley whacking Don Brashear in the head like he’s trying to go deep on a Marco Estrada fastball wouldn’t necessarily hurt big Don’s brain.

Fuck you, man.

People in your league are actually dying because of this. That means moms and dads are losing their kids, kids are losing their dads. And you just stand by with your head in the stand. If you’ve been researching this since 1997 like you say you have been, and this is the conclusion you’ve come to, your scientist needs to be shot in the heart. Is that a traumatic injury? Ask yourself.


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