I Hate Toronto Maple Leafs Fans… So Much

I hate everything about the Toronto Maple Leafs, I hate their stupid always hurt players, I hate their idiotic media and I hate, I mean really really hate their dumb dumb dumb fans. Oh my god, do I ever hate their fans.

For the record: I love Leo Komarov

A little over 2 years ago, the Leafs fired their idiot ‘winner’ coach Randy Carlyle and let Pete Horachek warm the bench for Mike Babcock, and every stupid Leafs fan in Canada let out a collective ‘sigh of relief.’ That sigh was for mediocrity, or hopefully, something even worse. The Leafs brass promised the team would be dog shit for the next 3-5 years, so they could build a sustainable and prosperous future. God. Damn. It.

You see, I’m a Leafs fan. A patient, realistic Leafs fan. One of many….I thought.

There’s a big middle part of this story where the Leafs were unreasonably bad, drafted Mitch ‘good Canadian boy’ Marner and Auston ‘the next, next, next one’ Matthews, but you kind of know what happens there so I’ll spare my fingers the work.

So, here we are, 3 weeks from the playoffs and the Leafs are just outside a wild card spot in a piss poor division. The Maple Leafs are bad. Yes, the Maple Leafs could very well make the playoffs. And that is so fucking stupid.

Yeah, yeah, get the kids experience, leadership, hard work, yada yada. And oh hey got that important 2 points against the Bruins. Oh lord. The entirety of Leafs Nation – copyright, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment – has decided this is the year. Plan the parade. Just like we did every other year the Leafs were ok.

There are no important games this season, or next season. The next important thing the Leafs will do, will be what they do to extend contracts in the 2017-2018 off-season. News-flash, the Toronto Maple Leafs have NOTHING important to do until then. There are no must-win games, there are no important 2 point games and there are no playoff pushes. You should not care what the end result is of a Leafs season for at least 2 years.

So shut the hell up! Anybody thinking that Nikita Zaitsev and Morgan Reilly are going to make sloppy outlet passes and -43 their way out of the first round is a dope. A dope!

God Toronto fans are the worst, I am so sorry.


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