Ranking GMs Since (and Including) the Expansion Draft

Ok, so now that Vegas has a team (lol) and George McPhee has managed to part ways with some of the Golden Knights most prestigious players, let’s take a look at how some of the league’s best and worst GM’s stack up:

The Best:

3. Bob Murray

The Anaheim Ducks were a team over a barrel. Two top defensemen both left unexposed because Kevin Bieksa has a fat-head and management valued grit and experience over the ability to play the game. It seemed inevitable that Vegas was going to get either Sami Vatanen of Josh Manson.

They did not, however. Instead, Murray packaged Shea Theodore and Clayton Stoner – both decent enough players in their own rights – to keep McPhee’s greasy little hands off of two top 4 D. Wow.

10/10 job done by Murray here in keeping his team relevant for next year. Now just to get rid of Kevin Bieksa and his huge head.

reaves.jpg2. Doug Armstrong

Ok, yes. the Blues lost a quality forward to the Golden Knights in David Perron. But, really, they managed to trade Ryan Reaves for a 1st round pick….AND A PLAYER. Oh my god, that’s ridiculous.

First off, Ryan Reaves is a terrible hockey player, not worth a 7th round pick, he is aging, he can’t score and he is just generally bad at hockey. They managed to get Oskar Sundqvist in the deal and I don’t know who he is, but he’s definitely better than Ryan Reaves.

He isn’t even done there though, he manages to trade Jori Lehtera, a perfectly fine player, maybe even a perennial 15 goal scorer on the right line, for Brayden Schenn. Now listen, Schenn may not be the greatest centre in the game, but in my opinion, he is above-average and can get the puck to important guys.

10/10 for the Blues GM. Nice!

1. John Chayka

This guy is still an enigma. Nobody knows anything about his fancystats background, and frankly up until the expansion draft he looked like a bit of a tool. But he cleaned up.

First move of note is not bringing back Shane Doan. While, I have some mixed feelings on this, at the end of the day any team is a better team without Shane Doan.


Read the above with ‘Mike Smith’ replacing Shane Doan and the point is unchanged.

He also managed to acquire Anti Raanta from New York, a guy who is due for a starting role & Derek Stepan, the Coyotes new #1 centre. This all came at the horrendous cost of Laurent Dauphin and some other guy nobody gives a shit about (no offense).

John Chayka won GM’ing.

The Worst

lou.jpg3. Lou Lamoriello

I fucking hate this guy, and I can say that I have felt this way since the Leafs announced bringing him in to the Front Office in Toronto. He is old, he is out of touch and he is basically just a tall, bald version of Gary Bettman. I don’t like him, and since the expansion draft he has only given me more reason.

Toronto lost Brendan Leipsic to the Vegas Golden Knights, and everyone knew, they were going to lose a forward. They have a ton of depth there and a few really great prospects…

So why the fuck did they protect Matt Martin?

Leipsic had 51 points in 49 games. For perspective, the Marlies leading scorer was Kerby Reichel with 52….in 79 games. Of fucking course Vegas was going to take Leipsic, the kid is sick. He is so good.

Matt Martin had 9 points….in 82 games. Now I hear you, grit, leadership, dad-jeans, blah blah. Well fucking points win hockey games and Matt Martin doesn’t score any.

It doesn’t end there though, because the Leafs decided against tendering an offer to Antoine Bibeau. I don’t know what the hell it is about this team, but jesus, this kid saw two games, made 51 stops and posted a .927. I get that those stats don’t mean much because of the sample size, but who the hell is the Leafs backstop? Curtis McElhinney?

0/10 Lou, I fucking hate you.

eberelepuppy2. Pete Chiarelli

For some reason, this guy loves destroying good line-ups, trading franchise players and giving bad contracts.

It all started for this bag back when he dealt Hall, but that’s neither here nor there, what’s done is done, we’ve moved on. We have Adam Larsson. It’s ok. It’s all, very ok.

Chiarelli dealt Jordan Eberle, I don’t know about in Edmonton, but the most beloved Oiler in Canada not named Connor McDavid. After a thin year, Eberle got dealt to the Islanders for Ryan Strome.

I like Ryan Strome, and I don’t even necessarily hate this trade for Edmonton long-term, but they are win-now and this is not a move that helps. And fuck man stop trading your stars just for the sake of it.

Oh….it wasn’t for the sake of it? It was to clear cap space? Oh, that’s a good reason. What’s that? It was to clear cap space for….Kris Russell?

0/10 Hopeless.

1. George McPhee

The Vegan Golden Showers are going to be bad for a decade, and a lot of that is going to fall on the shoulders of McPhee, he let the rest of the league walk all over him.

I understand not wanting to piss off your peers for fear that your next job or your next trade may vanish because of it, but there is a middle-ground that McPhee failed to reach and for that, he was so bad.

0/10 GMGM

Honorable Mention: Pierre Dorion didn’t want to trade Marc Methot, then lost him for nothing to expansion and now is talking about giving up assets to trade for him back. Ugh. The NHL is very dumb.



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